We're both teachers, owners of minis, SUP enthusiasts and we love travelling. These seemed good enough reasons for a solid friendship to develop which, whilst travelling in Holland for a SUP event in September 2018, became an idea for a great venture. We realised we could combine our interests by forming a company involving stand up paddleboarding, travelling and teaching (the minis would have to stay at home)! So we've trained to become paddleboard instructors (a small step away from driving instructing and language teaching) with ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors) We have also devised a program called SUPfun™ to get out on the water regularly, and have trips planned to France and Spain. We're both fluent French speakers, Angela speaks fluent Spanish and we have found breathtakingly beautiful places to SUP that are off the beaten track. We'd like to share them! Join our journey and get involved in the fun...


How it all began...

I first encountered paddleboaders in Poole Harbour whilst holidaying in the New Forest. I was fascinated and wanted to have a go so organised a lesson when I got home. I instantly became obsessed.  I SUPed at every available opportunity, finally buying my own kit 6 months later. I joined several Facebook groups to paddle with other enthusiasts and this is where I met Angela. 
Anyone can SUP, it looks much easier than it actually is. It doesn't matter what age, shape or fitness level you are. SUPing can be meditative, social or exhilarating - or all three! Its a great way to practice mindfulness - being present in the moment, concentrating on the here and now, it takes your mind off the stresses of everyday life and calms the spirit. As soon as I started SUPing, I found my stress levels dropped dramatically. I had more energy and my fitness improved without even trying! I find SUPing so relaxing as I just think about my balance, strokes and rhythm. When I paddle along, I'm listening to the birds and water lapping against the board. It's just so good for the soul - it pushes everything else out of your mind.
Like all sports, SUPing can provide different experiences. Sometimes I do a leisurely SUP with friends, catching up on our news - a healthier alternative to coffee and cake. Sometimes I SUP alone, sometimes I join organised paddles and at other times I compete. Hope to see you out on the water soon!


I've been keen on water sports for years, probably due to the fact that I grew up by the seaside in Portsmouth! This has evolved from sailing, to diving, then canoeing and now I've been supping for over four years. I tend to go out most weeks, whatever the weather, and love the variety of supping on lakes, canals, rivers and the sea and also enjoy paddling abroad. I've participated in social SUP parades, races and just paddling with friends and family, plus a week-long trip on the Loire. Aa a fluent French and Spanish speaker, I've found stunning locations to paddle in both countries and have also paddled in Holland. This year, my board and I are off to Montenegro. Hope to meet you soon if you'd like to learn how to paddleboard, for some SUPfun on the water, or to go exploring on a board!

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